Shots of flowers, wildlife, topside

travel, and a variety of other subjects

by both Bill and Nannette

2022-2023 Topside PODs

Bill’s topside “Pictures of the Day” from 2022 and 2023

added 1/26/24

Nannette’s shots from part 3 of our Africa trip, in a private conservancy in Kenya’s Maasai Mara

added 1/24/24

Nannette’s shots from part 2 of our Africa trip, based in the Mara Triangle in Kenya

added 12/03/23

Nannette’s shots from a week in Tanzania which kicked off her first-ever African adventure

added 10/19/23

A few topside shots from a dive trip to the Big Island with friends

added 5/6/24

Nannette’s favorite shots from local wildlife reserves and hiking trails

added 4/30/24

Nannette’s photos from a road trip along California’s beautiful Central Coast

added 4/20/24

A day trip inland to our local mountains and desert to shoot wildflowers and Joshua trees

added 8/29/23

A February return to the Central Valley refuge.

So. Many. Birds.

added 5/13/23

A visit to the Merced and San Luis wildlife refuges in the San Joaquin Valley

added 3/20/22

A very special visitor to a tree in our backyard

added 3/5/22

A visit to the installations “Field of Light” and
“Light Towers” in Paso Robles

added 3/5/22

Topside shots from the island’s interior and around its main town of Avalon

added 3/5/22

Birds, wildlife and landscapes from our backyard and our favorite local hiking spots 

added 2/26/22

Bill’s topside “Pictures of the Day” from 2021

added 2/26/22

More furry and feathers critters from our favorite riverside walking trail and a local pond

added 11/1/21

Songbirds and waterbirds shot at nearby Castaic Lake

State Recreation Area 

added 11/1/21

Landscapes, wildflowers, birds and bugs shot during hikes in our local canyons

added 11/1/21

Spring brought some cute and colorful visitors to our backyard

added 11/1/21

Weekly visits to a hummingbird nest on our hikes in Placerita Canyon

added 5/12/21

Scenic vistas, birds and other critters from our hikes in the San Gabriel Mountains

added 5/12/21

A small pond in a neighborhood marketplace full of waterbirds and turtles

added 5/12/21

Nannette’s photos of birds and other critters from a riverside trail in our neighborhood

added 4/12/21

More bird shots, this time

from nearby Castaic Lake

State Recreation Area

added 4/12/21

Shots from Bardsdale Pond irrigation reservoir and from Lake Piru in the

Los Padres National Forest

added 4/12/21

Winter visitors to our backyard

during the first few months

of the new year

added 4/12/21

Nannette’s getting into this birding thing; these are her shots from our yard from the last half of 2020

added 1/1/21

Bill’s topside

“Pictures of the Day”

from April-July 2020

added 10/12/20

Nannette’s still spending lots of time

at home, so here are more photos of

birds, squirrels and planes

added 7/15/20

Nannette stakes out backyard

visitors while under

coronavirus lockdown

added 5/24/20

Nannette returns to

Carrizo Plain for

the 2019 superbloom

added 4/17/19

Nannette's day trip

to shoot the amazing

central valley wildflowers

added 4/21/17

Nannette and Bill

visit some local

wildflower hotspots

added 4/21/17

Our 20th anniversary

trip through

England & Scotland

added 8/15/16

Bill's colorful photos

of flowers, mostly

from our garden

added 12/4/08

Bill's shots of flowers

with a focus

on light and form

added 12/4/08

Bill’s photos of

a variety of subjects

from Slinkys to sunsets

added 12/4/08

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