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NAD Lembeh

North Sulawesi, Indonesia — November 2023

Lembeh Strait consistently delivers an abundance of critters, and our recent trip to NAD Lembeh was no exception. Our fantastic guides found loads of interesting shrimps and crabs, a remarkable assortment of frogfish, and various types octopuses, including the hairy type and a mating pair of wunderpus. Naturally, we also ventured out for a few enjoyable blackwater dives.

added 2/19/2024

Bali Blackwater

Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia — October/November 2023

We went out for a blackwater dive most nights during our stay at Villa Markisa and were rewarded with a nice variety of creatures of the deep and dark, including a rarely-seen juvenile crocodile toothfish.

added 2/6/2024

Diving Tulamben, Bali with Villa Markisa

Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia — October/November 2023

Itty bitty nudibranchs and sea slugs were the primary sightings on this trip with friends to our favorite Bali dive resort, Villa Markisa. Of course we also spotted some cool crabs, shrimps, fish and cephalopods to help round out the experience.

added 2/6/2024

Critterhunt 2023, Crystal Blue Resort, Anilao

Anilao, Batangas, Philippines — May/June 2023

On our almost-annual trip to Anilao, we got to reunite with old friends, meet new ones and explore some of the best macro sites to be found anywhere. We found many of our favorite critters ranging from large sea snakes to tiny amphipods and an alien-like 8-legged worm feeding from its tube in the sand.

added 7/11/2023

Diving South Australia on the Rodney Fox

South Australia — March 2023

A 10-day expedition out of Port Lincoln brought us to Kangaroo Island as well as Edithburgh and Rapid Bay Jetties where we found a wonderland of creatures new to us California divers. From Australian sea lions and giant cuttlefish to pinhead-sized orange amphipods, there was an amazing variety and abundance of sea life to keep us entertained, including the spectacular leafy sea dragon.

added 5/12/2023

Great White Shark Dives with Rodney Fox Expeditions

Neptune Islands, South Australia — March 2023

We spent a day during our 10-day expedition anchored off the Neptune Islands, known for its population of great white sharks. We got to see these amazing elasmobranchs (along with lots of jacks and kingfish) from both a surface cage and a cage that gets lowered down to the ocean floor.

added 5/12/2023

A Vacation on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi

Kona and Volcanoes National Park, Hawaiʻi — January 2023

A fun 10-day vacation with friends. While there, we were fortunate to witness the bubbling lava lake at Kiluea and some very large surf. Despite the big waves we got some diving in too, including a manta night dive and a couple of blackwater dives.

added 5/1/2023

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