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Peanut Worm Feeds

Tulamben, Bali, Indonesia — February 2014

Peanut worms, also called sipunculans, are a phylum of worms rarely spotted by divers. Most live in shallow water buried under sand, mud, stones or in rocky crevices. To feed, they extend their anterior section, called the introvert, to collect food particles then draw them into the mouth as the introvert is retracted.

added 7/26/2020

Sea Apples Feed

Komodo and Alor, Indonesia — 2014-2020

Sea apples are a brightly colored type of sea cucumber that live primarily in the cooler-water areas of the Indo-Pacific. Watching them feed is equal parts mesmerizing and disturbing.

added 7/26/2020

Cold and Green on July 17, Palos Verdes on the Giant Stride

Palos Verde Peninsula, CA — July 2020

50 water and 10 foot visibility didn’t stop our intrepid group from spotting some nice nudibranchs and other tiny critters, and I had another special find with a rarely-seen-around-here Trapania velox at the very end of the last dive.

added 7/22/2020

Sheep Crab Mounts Camera

Anacapa and Santa Cruz Islands, CA — June-July 2012 and April 2013

Sheep crabs are a type of spider crab, and are the largest species of crab found on the California coast. We see them frequently on our reefs and sometimes we get to witness some interesting (attempted) mating behavior.

added 7/14/2020

Faces of the Underwater World

Multiple locations — 2013-2017

Portraits of some of the more colorful characters we have come across underwater from our dives all over the world.

added 7/10/2020

Under Water Colors

Multiple locations — 2012-2017

A compilation of shots assembled to show off the ocean’s amazing colors. These displays are found not only on the fish and coral reefs of the tropics, but worldwide and on some of the marine world’s smaller, lesser-known inhabitants.

added 7/10/2020

4th of July on the Giant Stride

Palos Verde Peninsula, CA — July 2020

Another day out on the Giant Stride diving the reefs of Palos Verdes brought more nudibranchs, some teeny tiny amphipods, and lots of socially-distanced fun!

added 7/9/2020

Brittle Stars Discs Undulate

Oil Rig Ellen and San Miguel Island, CA — March 2019 and September 2016

California is home to some brilliantly colored brittle stars. If you look closely at their central disk, you can see the top surface undulate.

added 7/3/2020

Dendronotus Iris Pounces on Tube Anemone

San Miguel Island, CA — April 2015 and September 2016

Dendronotus iris, also known as a rainbow nudibranch, is a large sea slug found along the west coast of North America. They feed on tube anemones by sneaking up next to them and pouncing right into the middle, often getting pulled part way into the tube in the process.

added 7/3/2020

June 26, 2020 on the Giant Stride

Palos Verde Peninsula, CA — June 2020

One of my best nudi spotting days in a long time! On this day on the Giant Stride our group spotted more than 20 species of nudibranchs in 3 dives in the Palos Verdes area, including the beautiful and rarely-seen Babakina festiva. Some teeny tiny crustaceans and a baby swell shark wiggling in its egg case rounded out a wonderful dive day.

added 6/29/2020

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