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2022 SoCal Diving So Far…

Palos Verdes and Catalina Island, CA — January-July 2022

Slugs, bugs and a few other critters from Palos Verdes and Catalina Island during the first half of 2022.

added 7/18/2022

Diving Utila with Underwater Connection

Utila, Bay Islands, Honduras — January 2022

For our first international trip in two years, we joined some friends from the Underwater Connection dive shop for a fun week of diving with Utila Lodge. While the area is not known for its macro life, we found plenty of interesting small critters to keep our cameras busy.

added 2/3/2022

Everybody Loves Lumpies!

Des Moines, WA — December 2021

All lumpsuckers all the time from our trip to Seattle in December 2021. The wonderful folks from Seattle Dive Tours helped us find a bunch of these adorable little fish.

added 1/5/2022

Diving Puget Sound with Seattle Dive Tours

Seattle, WA — December 2021

We had been wanting to dive Seattle to look for pacific spiny lumpsuckers for years, and being stuck in the US inspired us to finally make that trip. We’re so glad we did, as we had a blast diving the emerald waters with giant pacific octopus, wolf eels and, yes—lumpsuckers! The fun, friendly and incredibly helpful folks from Seattle Dive Tours took great care of us and all our gear.

added 12/27/2021

Catalina Island, Summer 2021

Catalina Island, CA — July-September 2021

Catalina Island offers an abundance of beautiful kelp forests, a pinnacle covered in purple hydrocoral, calm sandy coves, and sea life ranging from giant sea bass and schooling fish to colorful nudibranchs and tiny amphipods. We saw all that and more in several trips there during the summer.

added 9/26/2021

Diving Palos Verdes – May, June, July 2021

Palos Verdes Peninsula, CA — May-July 2021

A few critters from the last few months of reef dives in Palos Verdes, California including a new-to-me color variation of one of my favorite little creatures, a podocerus amphipod.

added 8/9/2021

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