My favorite and most-requested videos plus compilation pieces put together for presentations or film festivals

Everybody Loves Lumpies!

Des Moines, WA — December 2021

All lumpsuckers all the time from our trip to Seattle in December 2021. The wonderful folks from Seattle Dive Tours helped us find a bunch of these adorable little fish.

added 1/5/2022

Faces of the Underwater World

Multiple locations — 2013-2017

Portraits of some of the more colorful characters we have come across underwater from our dives all over the world.

added 7/10/2020

Under Water Colors

Multiple locations — 2012-2017

A compilation of shots assembled to show off the ocean’s amazing colors. These displays are found not only on the fish and coral reefs of the tropics, but worldwide and on some of the marine world’s smaller, lesser-known inhabitants.

added 7/10/2020

The Little Things

Multiple locations — 2011-2015

This one's for the kids! This set of videos was created for a diver-friend who teaches 5- and 6- year-olds. The kids are of course familiar with sharks, dolphins and whales, but we wanted to introduce them to some of the ocean's smaller creatures. The video is targeted towards kindergartners, but it should be enjoyable for kids and adults of all ages.

added 6/22/2015

Part 4: Cepalopods

Part 1: Introduction

Part 5: Sea Slugs

Part 2: Fish

Part 6: Conclusion

Part 3: Crabs

Dance of the Gobies

Multiple locations — 2011-2015

A collection of cute and colorful little fish that can be shy at first, but once they get accustomed to you being around they seem to dance for the camera.

added 5/18/2015

Puffy's Bad Night

Anilao, Batangas, Philippines — January 2015

Puffer fish versus bobbit worm. Let's just say it doesn't end well for one of them...

added 5/9/2015

Diving Alaska

Juneau to Sitka, Alaska — June 2014

Stunning scenery both topside and underwater highlighted our amazing journey through the Inside Passage on the historic and charming Nautilus Swell—a trip that should be on every diver's bucket list!

added 8/17/2014

Not the Usual Suspects

Tulamben, Bali, and Komodo, Indonesia — February/March 2014

Animals resembling vacuum hoses and piles of string along with other bizarre creatures found on our Indonesia trip are explored in this narrated video.

added 5/5/2014

The Secret World of Sea Slugs

Multiple locations — 2011-2013

A compilation video featuring the fascinating behaviors of a variety of nudibranchs and sea slugs from Southern California and the Indo-Pacific.

added 10/22/2013

Diving Southern California: from Pinnipeds to Amphipods

Channel Islands, CA and the SoCal Coast — 2010-2012

Highlights of our Southern California dives from 2010 to 2012 featuring both large animal life and macro critters.

added 6/1/2012

Pacific Drifters: Pelagic Invertebrates of Hawaii and California

Southern California and Kona, Hawaii — 2009-2011

The waters near the surface of the deeper parts of the ocean can seem like a vast, empty place; but a closer look can sometimes reveal a world of alien-like creatures that spend part or all of their lives drifting through the open water.

added 9/12/2011

Bonaire 2010: Rubble Rocks!

Bonaire, Dutch Caribbean — July 2010

Bonaire has lots of beautiful reefs, but we witnessed some very entertaining animal behavior on the slopes covered just with rubble and sand.

added 12/21/2010

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