Bill’s Topside PODs from 2020-2021

Birds, bugs and beasts from Southern and Central California

December 2020 - September 2021

Here is a nice little ring neck duck that I shot the other day while I was playing golf. Late afternoon sun makes the water look a lot worse than it really is

Here is a nice little American Wigeon from my golf adventure last week. As you can see by the water it was VERY windy (like 40 MPH gusts).

On our normal Tuesday morning walk (we are chased out by the housecleaners) we went out to Placerita canyon. Tons of woodpeckers and here is a tiny hummingbird mom (I think) sitting on her nest. 

We go to the local farmer's market every Sunday. This little guy came home with a bunch of broccolini. So since we haven't been in the water too much, I thought lets put him on the dichroic stage.

Here is another shot of our brocollini bug sitting on the dichroic glass stage.

Here is a nice black neck stilt (we called them penguins) sitting in a lagoon at the National Wildlife Refuge in Merced.

Here is a white face ibis along with a penguin.

Here is a nice male Tule elk (the smallest of all the elk and native to California) that we saw in Merced last week. There are about 5700 elk now in California and we were lucky to see this guy and his herd (the herd had 20 or 21 individuals; I counted them three times and never got the same number).

As underwater photographers we all know about taking pictures of fish butts. Here is the topside bird version, everyone was hungry no one wanted to show his face.

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