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Thecacera nudibranch Garibaldi
Fashion Models of the
Underwater World
A short photo essay about shooting nudibranchs and their cousins on stage
Channel Islands 2016
Three islands in
three days on the
Peace dive boat
Wolf eel Crimson anemone Phidiana hiltoni nudibranch
British Columbia 2015
Five days of diving in
the beautiful emerald waters
around God's Pocket Resort
Alaska 2014
An eleven-day dive trip
through the Inside Passage
on the Nautilus Swell
California—Fall 2013
Two days diving the
Northern Channel Islands
from the Truth
Gulf signal blenny Chromodoris dianae nudibranch Peacock mantis with eggs
Sea of Cortez 2013
A week diving the
Midriff Islands
from the Rocio Del Mar
Anilao 2012
Ten days of reef and
critter diving with
Crystal Blue Resort
Lembeh Strait 2011
A few days
in the muck with
Black Sand Dive Retreat
Pyrosome Glossodoris cruenta nudibranch Spotted anemone shrimp
Kona 2010-2011
Reef and black water
diving off the Big Island
Indonesia 2010
A trip through Raja Ampat and Halmahera on the MSY Damai
Bonaire 2010
A few days working
on lighting techniques
Anemone in brittle stars Club-tipped anemone Freckle face blenny
California Anemones
A collection of anemone shots from SoCal
California—May 2009
Favorite photos from our local Southern California diving
Solomons 2008
Twelve days on
the Bilikiki
Squid at night Flamingo tongue Wire coral shrimp
Belize 2008
A week on the
Belize Aggressor III [view as slideshow]
St. Vincent 2007
Diving with Bill Tewes
at Dive St. Vincent [view as slideshow]
Fiji 2006
A week on the
Fiji Aggressor II